The best service at the best prices

In our workshops Bayamón and Ponce have the most complete, fast and efficient, with the best prices in the market mechanics.
Our services include:
  • We diagnostics for all diesel engines, including Mack ®, Volvo®, Isuzu®, International®, Caterpillar®, and Cummins®.
  • Also we diagnosed ABS brake systems and automatic transmissions Allison.
  • Repair engines and offer re-manufactured for change injectors.
  • Installing clutches and turning or volanta brushings.
  • Repair differentials and transmissions.
  • Reconstruction and roll gimbal bar.
  • Re-we manufacture air brakes and bands shovel.
  • We have the largest inventory of brakes made ready for change. They do not have to wait for is the remachen.
  • Re-we manufacture air brake compressors, and we have a variety ready for change.
  • We work suspension and front axle
  • We press bars and ‘bushings’ Hendrickson
  • U Bolts manufacture of girders.
  • We rebuild boxes guide.
  • Diagnose and repair hydraulic systems, including repair of bottles, valve bodies, pumps, and PTOs (PTOs).